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Every Collection of RAAS is Inspired From The Five Elements -

Earth | Water | Air | Fire | Sky


Inspired by the rich heritage of Odisha Handloom, RAAS was born out of pure passion and love for Odisha handloom and the purity of our craftsmanship. RAAS is a conscious effort by the founder Rashmi Mohapatra to add value to the richness of our art and the efforts of our weavers with exclusive designs. Every piece is lovingly hand woven and handcrafted by our local Indian artisans who represent a lineage of creators, bringing their expertise to our innovative designs that are ethnic yet contemporary.
Rashmi Mohapatra
"Every collection of RAAS is handmade with utmost love & care"

She could identify a visible gap in the design and creative elements within the Odisha handloom space. Most of the handloom creations have followed a typical set of design styles over decades. With Raas, Rashmi wanted to contemporise handloom designs embracing modern trends and patterns.

Started in 2014, within a short period of time, RAAS carved a niche for itself and became one of the choicest brands among handloom lovers in Odisha, India & overseas.

Rashmi Mohapatra

Founder – RAAS

"RAAS defines fashion finesse that has elegance & class"​
From the quaint coastal town of Balasore to displaying his collection at the haute couture store Harrods in London, fashion designer Pritam Panda has travelled a long way. Pritam is well known in the industry for his passion for art & style has dressed top Bollywood celebs and international models. Pritam Panda has won the 12th Murex Global Fashion Award at a ceremony held in Italy and is the first Indian to receive this global award.


Acclaimed Fashion Designer

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We are grateful to our patrons for their continued love & loyal support for RAAS. Your patronage and satisfaction are what drives us to keep doing what we do.


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Quality of service is of paramount importance at RAAS, when you visit our studio, you will be greeted with warm hospitality by a team who are happy to assist you.

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